Lola’s Spices Caribbean Ahi Tuna

September 27, 2021

Lola’s Spices Caribbean Ahi Tuna - Fresh Fish Fast

Lola’s Spices Caribbean Ahi Tuna


1 Lb  Ahi Tuna 

2 Tsp Lola’s Spices Caribbean Blend

1 Tsp EVOO 

Drizzle Ahi Tuna with EVOO and generously sprinkle Lola’s Spices CB on both sides. In a heavy frying pan over medium-high heat, arrange the Tuna to sear for about 2 mins. or until color begins to change on the side view, flip once and cook an additional 2 mins or until desired temperature.  


Suggested side:  Black Beans, Jicama and Mango Salad


1 Can Black Beans *rinsed and drained

1 Cup Jicama *diced

1 Cup Mango *diced

1/2 cup Red Bell paper *chopped 

1 Jalapeño *finely chopped, seeded for mild 

1/ 4 cup Cilantro *chopped 

1 tsp EVOO

1 tsp Honey 

1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 lime *juiced


Combine all ingredients and a let chill for 30 mins or longer! Even better the next day! 


More recipes ides can be found at:   WWW.NOWIMPYFLAVORS.COM