Determining If Shrimp Is Cooked

May 16, 2022

Shrimp are a welcome addition to almost any meal for the seafood lover. They add a beautiful, sweet, briny and earthy flavor to many dishes, and are beloved by chefs and cooks alike. Shrimp can be cooked in a multitude of ways including sauteing, boiling, frying, grilling and poaching. 

As shrimp are seafood, it is important to start with fresh, high-quality products from Fresh Fish Fast and to make sure that they are fully cooked before serving and eating. This is important because you run the risk of developing food-borne illness if your shrimp isn’t fully cooked.  If this is your first time cooking shrimp, you may wonder how to know whether they are fully cooked or not. Check out our handy guide below so you never wonder again! 

Shrimp Color Is Key

In its natural, uncooked state, shrimp is blue to gray and relatively translucent. This is where a reliable seafood delivery service like Fresh Fish Fast comes in. You need to be guaranteed fresh shrimp with the right color. As shrimp cooks, the pigment molecule called astaxanthin is released from its protein “shell” and turns the muscle from a gray color to pink and red. The shrimp also turns opaque once fully cooked. This color change and opaqueness is a good visual indicator of shrimp doneness. If shrimp still looks translucent or gray while cooking, make sure to cook for a bit longer. 

Note the Texture and Shape of Your Shrimp

When uncooked, a shrimp body will be a bit straight and flexible. When shrimp cooks, the muscles contract and cause the shrimp to curl and shrink. Shrimp will resemble a “C” or “O” shape when they are fully cooked. Some say that a more over-done shrimp will be the “O” shape, but that may not hold true in all situations. This shape change of the shrimp is used in conjunction with other indicators to determine doneness and should not be used on its own. Perfectly cooked shrimp will be firm to the touch but will still have some give. 

Take a Temperature Reading To Confirm Doneness

For a tried-and-true way to confirm if your shrimp is done, look no further than your handy kitchen thermometer. An internal temperature of 120℉ of your shrimp will indicate if your shrimp is properly cooked. In general, shrimp should be cooked for 2 to 5 minutes. You should also note that a shrimp in the shell will take longer to cook than one that has been peeled. The length of cook time will also depend on how you choose to cook your shrimp, as well as the number and size of shrimp you are cooking. Keep in mind the color, texture/shape and temperature after you’ve reached your cook time.

Start With Quality Shrimp! 

Fresh Fish Fast is your best ally in the seafood delivery service. We provide high-quality, sustainably-sourced fresh fish and seafood delivered straight from the ocean to your doorstep. We offer a wide variety of fresh, never frozen and quick-frozen shrimp for your cooking and eating pleasure. Check out our website for our full product line-up and subscription options so you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood year-round! 

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