Catch Of The Month -Single

Looking to help hit your two servings of seafood a week? Meet our Catch Of The Month program! Get the highest quality of seafood delivered directly to your door on a simple monthly basis with the exact amount of seafood recommended for your monthly consumption. Each item is portioned and vacuum sealed to throw in your freezer and use as needed throughout the month, all with no delivery costs attached!

Each month you will receive 8 portions of 2 types of premium fish fillets. Each portion is between 6-9 ounces and comes vacuum packed and flash frozen. Store these items in your freezer until desired use. Thawing is quick and simple and should only take a few hours under refrigeration. 

You will receive your delivery the first week of every month. All orders are delivered in a insulated cooler packed with multiple ice packs to ensure freshness. If items arrive slightly thawed you can still put them in the freezer and this will not affect the quality. 
To take part in the upcoming month's shipment you must sign up by the 27th of the month! You will be billed on the 28th day of each month for your subscription.
We do offer a grace period during the first week of the month. If we are able to fit you in to the current batch of order we will, but we cannot guarantee anything if you miss the deadline of the 27th.